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Jumpstart your Dreams Today! Weight Loss Coaching Los Angeles, California

"All of our sellers, buyers & referrals are treated with Integrity, Honesty, and Loyalty."

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Jumpstart your Dreams Today! Weight Loss Coaching Los Angeles, California


Welcome to Jumpstart Business Brokers

Where selling or buying a business just got easier!

About Us

Jumpstart is a full service consulting and brokerage team located North of Houston in The Woodlands, Texas.  For more than 20 years, we have been proudly serving business owners and providing exceptional service.  Our professional service, competitive commission rates and overall value are why we are a leader in our industry.

In a friendly environment, our team is conducted with the highest level of confidentiality, professionalism and honesty, providing our clients with creative and outside-the-box solutions with the benefit that comes from the diversity of our expertise and from our efficient team collaboration.


Our team has over 20 years’ experience in Business Sales, Property Management and Real Estate Investment Property Sale/Acquisitions.

With a solid combination of operating background, deal-making experience and brokerage industry credentials, and a strong marketing background and buy/sell experience in the following industry segments: Business Services, Distribution, Clean Tech, Retail and Manufacturing.  Our team understands your business industry.

Our collective experience and expertise extends beyond business transfers to include exit strategy planning and professional buyer (acquisition) search.

Jumpstart specializes in the industries of: Manufacturing, Technology, Distribution, Food distribution, Fast food, Entertainment, Recreation, Importation/exportation as well as all kind of business in the service Industry.

Selling a business

Every business is a unique blend of tangible and intangible assets. Since no two businesses are ever alike, a special strategy must be developed to market and sell each business. Knowing the value of your business and understanding how to interpret this value are essential elements in making informed decisions. These decisions will lead to maximizing the sale proceeds when you exit your business.

Because of our experience, we can determine what aspects of your company will be most attractive to prospective buyers. After conducting personal interviews and inspection of your facilities, the evaluation process will begin. This process will involve extensive research and analysis of all elements which will impact value.

Your company’s strengths and weaknesses are assessed and the business is viewed as it would be by a potential investor.

Contact us today, we will gladly answer all of your questions, assist you with the proper steps to take and make the process of selling your business as seamless as possible with a successful transaction.

We are here to help! - Hablamos Español

Buying a business

The search for a business opportunity almost always starts with a telephone call or a visit to a web site like ours.

Sometimes the prospective buyer is a corporation, private Investment group or a sophisticated private Investor who has a very definite idea of the type of business wanted. But, often we come across the first-time buyer who is still in the formative or exploratory phase of the search of a small business for sale. Many times a buyer's first question is, "What kinds of businesses do you have?"

Well, our team has access to many types of businesses, so that's a tough question to answer without some idea of the buyer's resources, skills and needs.

Contact our team today and we will help you find just the right business for you!

Our client companies typically generate annual revenues between $500 - $2.5M, with an annual profitability of up to $100k - 1M

"We sell successful businesses!"

Business Development, Business Improvement, Business Consultants.
 Business Sales - Business Acquisitions - Business Investors .  
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